Our History – Safety

Our company goes above and beyond when it comes to safety.  We believe our injury free record is due to our insatiable goal of safety.  All members of our team are empowered to point out safety short comings, and bring it to the attention of our supervisors.  Since the inception of our company over 6 years ago, we have been injury free.  We believe this has occurred do to the implementation of our safety first initiative.  Although no body is perfect, we are always striving to improve our safety program.


About Us

ATS primary business is supply and assembly of Large Electrical Transformers, we also provide turnkey substations, and provide all testing for high voltage related equipment.

The team at American Transformer Services, Inc. has decades of experience in services, supplying electrical materials, engineering, and managing large power projects for the Federal Government, Large Utilities, and Corporations.


We understand energy is the heart and lifeblood of this great nation and it must be produced, transported and protected at all times.  Through innovation and traditional values, we can bring solutions to assist that lifeblood, energy.

I welcome the opportunity of working with you and I am confident our organization with our dedication to traditional values and excellence will fulfill your highest expectations.


ATS team has vast knowledge of transformer technology.  From assemble to repair our team has dealt with most issues that have arisen.  What does this mean for you.

Unparalleled knowledge

Our vast knowledge of transformer technology is unmatched by most in the industry

Newest equipment in the industry

We keep our equipment up to date allowing us to be on the forefront of the industry

Cost saving

With our knowledge and newest equipment, our team is on the site for a shorter time, thus saving you money