Transformer Oil Processing Services

Transformer Oil Processing Services

ATS Baron Oil Processing Rigs Travel all over the U.S.  we work anywhere in the States.

ATS teams are ready to provide oil processing services at a moments notice. An experienced team of Field Service Technicians and Service Project Managers are available with the latest equipment and tools to handle your oil processing needs:

  • Drain Oil from Transformer / Equipment
  • Store Oil On-Site in Tank Trucks (either your trucks or ours)
  • Pull Vacuum on Transformer (to your specifications or ours)
  • Vacuum Degasify and Dehydrate New or Used Oil
  • Reclaim / Improve Physical and Chemical Characteristics (using Fullers Earth Processing, if necessary)

ATS has several vacuum processing teams and rigs covering the USA:

  1. State-of-the-Art Equipment and Technology
  2. Totally Self-Contained Rigs
  3. Air-Conditioned Control Room for Instrumentation and Operators
  4. Oil Processing Capability at Rates Up to 2400 Gal/Hour
  5. Designed to De-Gas Oil to Approximately 1% Total Dissolved Gas — In-Line TDG Analyzer Provides Real-Time Analysis
  6. Designed to Dehumidify Oil to Approximately 1ppm Moisture
  7. Able to Raise Oil Temperature 70 degrees F in One Pass Using 190 KW of Heat NOTE: Oil is typically processed at approximately 140 degrees F, but higher temperatures are possible at customer’s request.
  8. Inlet Oil Filtered at 10 microns
  9. Outlet Oil Filtered at 0.5 microns
  10. High Vacuum Capability with two 171 scfm Vacuum Pumps and a 1449 scfm Booster

For a brochure on our oil processing capabilities, download the following Adobe Acrobat file:

In addition to FR3 Retro Filles, ATS has the equipment, experience and capability to complete repairs, upgrades, insulation dryouts, bushing replacements, LTC repairs/upgrades, and FR3 retrofills.  These are but a few services we preform, please call or email for a complete list.

For more information or assistance, call or e-mail us.