With the need to keep transformers on-line the cost of a transformer leaking can be high.

Our teams are experienced with some of the most common problems as listed below:

  • Moisture and oxygen can enter a transformer through leaking gaskets causing accelerated aging of insulation and insulation failure.
  • Oil getting onto the ground and possibly into groundwater can be expensive to remedy; leaking oil can carry lead from transformer paint (if paint is lead-based) into the ground causing further contamination.
  • Leaks above the transformer oil can allow the nitrogen blanket to escape, causing more frequent nitrogen bottle replacement if provided with a positive pressure system.

American Transformer Services, Inc can fix the leaking location(s) or at your request or completely regasket all transformer openings and reprocess the oil to put equipment back in good condition; the scope of our services is up to you our customer.

At a minimum we will perform the following steps to Regasketing a Transformer:

  1. Notice to Proceed and Isolation procedures
  2. Ground Transformer
  3. Establish Baselines
  4. Analyze Baseline Data for Problems
  5. Drain Oil
  6. Regasket All Openings on Outside of Tank
  7. Visually Inspect LTC for Problems and Advise
  8. Pressure Test with Dry Air
  9. Perform Vacuum Drop Test
  10. Pull Vacuum/Process Transformer per Customer Specifications
  11. Refill Transformer with Vacuum Degasified Oil
  12. Implement System Checks
  13. Compare System Checks to Baselines
  14. Walk-Through with Customer
  15. Unground Transformer
  16. Issue Final Project Report

In addition to regasketing,  ATS has the equipment, experience and capability to complete repairs, upgrades, insulation dryouts, bushing replacements, LTC repairs/upgrades, and FR3 retrofills.  These are but a few services we preform, please call or email for a complete list.

For more information or assistance, call or e-mail us.