Painting & Encapsulation

American Transfomrer Services, Inc.  repainting service can work on all of your substation equipment. This includes transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear, regulators, control cabinets, housings, and structures, to name a few.  ATS experience includes everything from pad-mounted transformers through 765kV equipment. Maintenance painting can minimize equipment downtime; repainting of radiators at the first signs of wear, may save you from the higher costs of radiator replacement at a later date. As a full service maintenance supplier, we can incorporate painting into a contract with other repair work, saving you from hiring multiple contractors to accomplish a complete scope of work.

We can comply with your paint specifications or use our own. Paint can be applied by spray, brush or roller on the main tank and by flow coat on radiators. Surfaces are prepared in a number of ways depending on their condition: grinding, sandblasting, needlegun, phosphoric acid wash, degreasers, pressure washing, sodium hydroxide stripping of radiators and special rinse for salt removal. All unpainted surfaces are either taped off or bagged prior to painting.

ATS knows environmental regulations and how to comply. If lead exists in the paint, our crews have the proper protective equipment for working with lead paints. We can collect the wash water in order to do the job in an environmentally-friendly manner; our painting system then encapsulates the lead paint so it doesn’t get carried into the ground.

In addition to regasketing,  ATS has the equipment, experience and capability to complete repairs, upgrades, insulation dryouts, bushing replacements, LTC repairs/upgrades, and FR3 retrofills.  These are but a few services we preform, please call or email for a complete list.

For more information or assistance, call or e-mail us.