American Transformer Services, Inc. has the experienced personnel and knowledge needed to perform upgrades on almost any transformer. American Transformer Services, Inc. has experience with many transformer manufactures, such as, ABB, GE, SPX (Waukesha), Hyundia, HICO, Delta Star, Niagara, Virginia Transformer, Mistsubishi, and Siemens to name a few. These brands, however, do not encompass our full range of capabilities: we can work on almost any transformer, performing upgrades as listed below:

Current transformers Additions

Current transformers can be installed internally if there is available space or externally using slip-over CTs; a feasibility study is required to determine if CTs can be installed.   ATS will need drawing submittals and/or a site visit. The site visit may require an internal inspection of the transformer to determine available space, dimensions and material requirements. ATS can provide a complete furnish, install and test package which may include installation/wiring drawings, CTs, mounting kits, conduit, wiring, terminal blocks and other miscellaneous items.

Control Upgrades

American Transformer Services, Inc. has experienced engineers, quality suppliers, and highly skilled field technicians/engineers to provide many types of control upgrades. A control upgrade could be a single component, a completely new control box or anything in between including a complete furnish, install and test package. Upgradeable control components include LTC controls, fan/cooling controls, auxiliary and seal-in relays, gauges and protective devices.

Condition Monitoring Equipment/Systems Installation

American Transformer Services, Inc. has relationships with many monitoring equipment manufactures which can help us to provide a package that meets your needs. Our teams have worked with GE’s monitor equipment XXXXX to monitor XXXX.   Other devices such as water and gas monitors, LTC position indicators, gauges and RTD can be included in the package. ATS would need control drawings in order to quote and complete the installation.

In addition to FR3 Retro Filles, ATS has the equipment, experience and capability to complete repairs, upgrades, insulation dryouts, bushing replacements, LTC repairs/upgrades, and FR3 retrofills.  These are but a few services we preform, please call or email for a complete list.

For more information or assistance, call or e-mail us.